* Names current as of March 15, 2017 based on research and evaluations of what is “widely accepted” as performed by Igor Safonov with input from Robert Gergulics. We gratefully acknowledge the additional input, comments and insight supplied by Dr. Roy Halling in those judgments. Additional notes include:

1 The European versions of Boletus discolor and Boletus luridiformis have been merged into a single species called Sutorius (f/k/a Neoboletus) luridiformis. Questions exist as to whether the North American mushrooms known by those same names are truly identical to their European counterparts, let alone to each other. Of note, the two are reported to have significantly different reactions to both Ammonia and KOH. For this reason both discolor and luridiformis still appear under their old (and no doubt in need of updating) names. To confuse you even more, the European discolor has been reduced to a “form” of a still different mushroom and thus is officially called Suillellus queletii f. discolor. In sum, the spectrum of red-pored, blue-staining boletes described in North America as “discolor” has yet to be properly described and delimited. Boletes of Eastern North America merges this name into Neoboletus luridiformis, but as noted above, that probably does not exist in America either. We do not know whether this spectrum is a single species, varieties of other species, or a species complex. Research is ongoing.

2 “Boletus roodyi” =   “Unknown” in North American Boletes.

Current Name Name in
North American Boletes
Aureoboletus auriflammeus CHANGED FROM Boletus auriflammeus
Aureoboletus auriporus CHANGED FROM Boletus auriporus
Aureoboletus citriniporus CHANGED FROM Boletus citriniporus
Aureoboletus flaviporus CHANGED FROM Boletus flaviporus
Aureoboletus gentilis CHANGED FROM Boletus gentilis
Aureoboletus innixus CHANGED FROM Boletus innixus
Aureoboletus mirabilis CHANGED FROM Boletus mirabilis
Aureoboletus projectellus CHANGED FROM Boletus projectellus
Aureoboletus roxanae CHANGED FROM Boletus roxanae
Aureoboletus russellii CHANGED FROM Boletellus russellii
Austroboletus gracilis CHANGED FROM Austroboletus gracilis
Austroboletus gracilis var. flavipes Austroboletus gracilis var. flavipes
Austroboletus gracilis var. pulcherripes Austroboletus gracilis var. pulcherripes
Austroboletus subflavidus Austroboletus subflavidus
Baorangia bicolor MERGER + CHANGE FROM Boletus bicolor

Boletus bicolor var. subreticulatus

Baorangia rufomaculata CHANGED FROM Boletus rufomaculatus
Boletellus ananas Boletellus ananas
Boletellus betula CHANGED FROM Austroboletus betula
Boletellus chrysenteroides Boletellus chrysenteroides
Boletellus fallax Boletellus fallax
Boletellus flocculosipes Boletellus flocculosipes
Boletellus pictiformis Boletellus pictiformis
Boletellus pseudochrysenteroides Boletellus pseudochrysenteroides
Boletinellus merulioides CHANGED FROM Gyrodon merulioides
Boletinellus proximus CHANGED FROM Gyrodon proximus
Boletinellus rompelli CHANGED FROM Gyrodon rompelli
Boletus abieticola Boletus abieticola
Boletus abruptibulbus Boletus abruptibulbus
Boletus albisulphureus Boletus albisulphureus
Boletus alutaceus Boletus alutaceus
Boletus amyloideus Boletus amyloideus
Boletus atkinsonii Boletus atkinsonii
Boletus aurantiosplendens Boletus aurantiosplendens
Boletus aureissimus Boletus aureissimus
Boletus aureissimus var. castaneus Boletus aureissimus var. castaneus
Boletus auripes Boletus auripes
Boletus barrowsii Boletus barrowsii
Boletus bicoloroides Boletus bicoloroides
Boletus carminiporus Boletus carminiporus
Boletus chippewaensis Boletus chippewaensis
Boletus coccyginus Boletus coccyginus
Boletus curtisii (likely to change) Boletus curtisii
Boletus discolor1 Boletus discolor
Boletus edulis MERGER OF Boletus edulis
Boletus edulis var. clavipes
Boletus edulis var. grandedulis SPLIT OFF FROM Boletus edulis
Boletus fagicola Boletus fagicola
Boletus fairchildianus Boletus fairchildianus
Boletus ferrugineus MERGER OF Boletus spadiceus
Boletus spadiceus var. gracilis
Boletus spadiceus var. rufobrunneus
Boletus fibrillosus Boletus fibrillosus
Boletus flammans Boletus flammans
Boletus gertrudiae Boletus gertrudiae
Boletus glabellus Boletus glabellus
Boletus holoxanthus Boletus holoxanthus
Boletus huronensis Boletus huronensis
Boletus lewisii Boletus lewisii
Boletus luridellus Boletus luridellus
Boletus mahogonicolor Boletus mahogonicolor
Boletus melleoluteus Boletus melleoluteus
Boletus melleoluteus Pulveroboletus melleoluteus
Boletus mendocinensis Boletus mendocinensis
Boletus miniato-olivaceus Boletus miniato-olivaceus
Boletus miniato-pallescens Boletus miniato-pallescens
Boletus morrisii (likely to change) Boletus morrisii
Boletus mottiae Boletus mottiae
Boletus nobilis Boletus nobilis
Boletus nobilissimus Boletus nobilissimus
Boletus ochraceoluteus Boletus ochraceoluteus
Boletus oliveisporus Boletus oliveisporus
Boletus pallidus Boletus pallidus
Boletus patrioticus Boletus patrioticus
Boletus pseudo-olivaceus Boletus pseudo-olivaceus
Boletus purpureorubellus Boletus purpureorubellus
Boletus regineus Boletus regineus
Boletus reticulatus Boletus reticulatus
Boletus rex-veris CHANGED FROM Boletus pinophilus
Boletus roodyi2 Boletus roodyi2
Boletus rubriceps SPLIT OFF FROM Boletus edulis
Boletus rubroflammeus Boletus rubroflammeus
Boletus rufocinnamomeus Boletus rufocinnamomeus
Boletus sensibilis Boletus sensibilis
Boletus separans CHANGED FROM Xanthoconium separans
Boletus smithii Boletus smithii
Boletus speciosus Boletus speciosus
Boletus subalpinus Boletus subalpinus
Boletus subcaerulescens Boletus subcaerulescens
Boletus subdepauperatus Boletus subdepauperatus
Boletus subfraternus Boletus subfraternus
Boletus subgraveolens Boletus subgraveolens
Boletus subluridellus Boletus subluridellus
Boletus subluridus Boletus subluridus
Boletus subsanguineus Boletus subsanguineus
Boletus subvelutipes Boletus subvelutipes
Boletus variipes Boletus variipes
Boletus variipes var. fagicola Boletus variipes var. fagicola
Boletus vermiculosoides Boletus vermiculosoides
Boletus vermiculosus Boletus vermiculosus
Bothia castanella CHANGED FROM Suillus castanellus
Buchwaldoboletus hemichrysus CHANGED FROM Boletus hemichrysus
Buchwaldoboletus lignicola CHANGED FROM Boletus lignicola
Buchwaldoboletus sphaerocephalus CHANGED FROM Boletus sphaerocephalus
Butyriboletus autumniregius CHANGED FROM Boletus regius
Butyriboletus brunneus CHANGED FROM Boletus speciosus var. brunneus
Butyriboletus floridanus CHANGED FROM Boletus floridanus
Butyriboletus frostii CHANGED FROM Boletus frostii
Butyriboletus peckii CHANGED FROM Boletus peckii
Butyriboletus persolidus CHANGED FROM Boletus appendiculatus
Butyriboletus primiregius CHANGED FROM Boletus regius
Butyriboletus pulchriceps CHANGED FROM Boletus pulchriceps
Butyriboletus querciregius CHANGED FROM Boletus regius
Butyriboletus roseopurpureus CHANGED FROM Boletus roseopurpureus
Caloboletus calopus CHANGED FROM Boletus calopus
Caloboletus conifericola CHANGED FROM Boletus coniferarum
Caloboletus firmus CHANGED FROM Boletus firmus
Caloboletus frustosus CHANGED FROM Boletus calopus var. frustosus
Caloboletus inedulis CHANGED FROM Boletus inedulis
Caloboletus roseipes CHANGED FROM Boletus roseipes
Caloboletus rubripes CHANGED FROM Boletus rubripes
Chalciporus piperatoides Chalciporus piperatoides
Chalciporus piperatus Chalciporus piperatus
Chalciporus pseudorubinellus Chalciporus pseudorubinellus
Chalciporus rubinellus Chalciporus rubinellus
Chalciporus rubritubifer Chalciporus rubritubifer
Cyanoboletus pulverulentus CHANGED FROM Boletus pulverulentus
Cyanoboletus rainisii CHANGED FROM Boletus rainisii
Gastroboletus citrinobrunneus Gastroboletus citrinobrunneus
Gastroboletus ruber Gastroboletus ruber
Gastroboletus turbinatus MERGER OF Gastroboletus turbinatus
Gastroboletus turbinatus var. flammeus
Gastroboletus xerocomoides Gastroboletus xerocomoides
Gastroleccinum scabrosum Gastroleccinum scabrosum
Gastrosuillus laricinus Gastrosuillus laricinus
Gyrodon lividus Gyrodon lividus
Gyroporus castaneus Gyroporus castaneus
Gyroporus cyanescens Gyroporus cyanescens
Gyroporus cyanescens var. violaceotinctus Gyroporus cyanescens var. violaceotinctus
Gyroporus phaeocyanescens Gyroporus phaeocyanescens
Gyroporus purpurinus Gyroporus purpurinus
Gyroporus subalbellus Gyroporus subalbellus
Gyroporus umbrinisquamosus Gyroporus umbrinisquamosus
Harrya chromapes CHANGED FROM Tylopilus chromapes
Hemileccinum subglabripes CHANGED FROM Boletus subglabripes
Hortiboletus campestris CHANGED FROM Boletus campestris
Hortiboletus rubellus MERGER + CHANGE FROM Boletus fraternus
Boletus rubellus
Imleria badia MERGER + CHANGE FROM Boletus badius
Boletus badius var. macrostipitatus
Lanmaoa borealis CHANGED FROM Boletus bicolor var. borealis
Lanmaoa carminipes CHANGED FROM Boletus carminipes
Lanmaoa pallidorosea CHANGED FROM Boletus pallidoroseus
Lanmaoa pseudosensibilis CHANGED FROM Boletus pseudosensibilis
Leccinellum albellum CHANGED FROM Leccinum albellum
Leccinellum crocipodium CHANGED FROM Leccinum nigrescens
Leccinellum quercophilum SPLIT OFF FROM Leccinum cf. carpini
Leccinum aeneum Leccinum aeneum
Leccinum alaskanum Leccinum alaskanum
Leccinum arbuticola Leccinum arbuticola
Leccinum arctostaphylos Leccinum arctostaphylos
Leccinum arenicola Leccinum arenicola
Leccinum areolatum Leccinum areolatum
Leccinum armeniacum Leccinum armeniacum
Leccinum aurantiacum (placeholder for deciduous red-capped Leccinums) CHANGED FROM Leccinum aurantiacum
Leccinum barrowsii Leccinum barrowsii
Leccinum californicum Leccinum californicum
Leccinum cf. carpini CHANGED FROM Leccinum carpini
Leccinum clavatum Leccinum clavatum
Leccinum discolor Leccinum discolor
Leccinum fallax Leccinum fallax
Leccinum fibrillosum Leccinum fibrillosum
Leccinum flavostipitatum Leccinum flavostipitatum
Leccinum glutinopallens Leccinum glutinopallens
Leccinum griseonigrum Leccinum griseonigrum
Leccinum holopus  MERGER OF Leccinum holopus

Leccinum holopus var. americanum

Leccinum idahoense Leccinum idahoense
Leccinum insigne (placeholder for birch & aspen loving red-capped Leccinums)  CHANGED FROM Leccinum insigne
Leccinum insolens Leccinum insolens
Leccinum insolens var. brunneo-maculatum Leccinum insolens var. brunneo-maculatum
Leccinum largentii Leccinum largentii
Leccinum longicurvipes Boletus longicurvipes
Leccinum luteum Leccinum luteum
Leccinum manzanitae Leccinum manzanitae
Leccinum montanum Leccinum montanum
Leccinum piceinum (placeholder for spruce-loving red-capped Leccinums) CHANGED FROM Leccinum piceinum
Leccinum ponderosum Leccinum ponderosum
Leccinum potteri Leccinum potteri
Leccinum pseudoinsigne Leccinum pseudoinsigne
Leccinum roseoscabrum Leccinum roseoscabrum
Leccinum rubropunctum CHANGED FROM Boletus rubropunctum
Leccinum rugosiceps Leccinum rugosiceps
Leccinum scabrum MERGER OF Leccinum scabrum
Leccinum chalybaeum
Leccinum oxydabile
Leccinum roseofractum
Leccinum rotundifoliae
Leccinum snellii Leccinum snellii
Leccinum subalpinum Leccinum subalpinum
Leccinum subgranulosum Leccinum subgranulosum
Leccinum subleucophaeum Leccinum subleucophaeum
Leccinum subtestaceum Leccinum subtestaceum
Leccinum versipelle MERGER + CHANGE FROM Leccinum atrostipitatum
Leccinum testaceoscabrum
Leccinum vulpinum (placeholder for coniferous red-capped Leccinums) CHANGED FROM Leccinum aurantiacum
Neoboletus pseudosulphureus MERGER + CHANGE FROM Boletus pseudosulphureus
Boletus pseudosulphureus var. pallidus
Paragyrodon sphaerosporus Paragyrodon sphaerosporus
Phylloporus arenicola Phylloporus arenicola
Phylloporus boletinoides Phylloporus boletinoides
Phylloporus leucomycelinus Phylloporus leucomycelinus
Phylloporus rhodoxanthus Phylloporus rhodoxanthus
Phylloporus rhodoxanthus ssp. foliiporus Phylloporus rhodoxanthus ssp. foliiporus
Porphyrellus nebulosus CHANGED FROM Tylopilus nebulosus
Porphyrellus porphyrosporus CHANGED FROM Tylopilus pseudoscaber
Porphyrellus sordidus CHANGED FROM Tylopilus sordidus
Pseudoboletus parasiticus CHANGED FROM Boletus parasiticus
Pseudomerulius curtisii CHANGED FROM Meiorganum curtisii
Pulchroboletus rubricitrinus  CHANGED FROM Boletus rubricitrinus
Pulveroboletus ravenelii CHANGED FROM Pulveroboletus ravenelii
Retiboletus griseus CHANGED FROM Boletus griseus
Retiboletus griseus var. fuscus CHANGED FROM Boletus griseus var. fuscus
Retiboletus ornatipes CHANGED FROM Boletus ornatipes
Rubroboletus eastwoodii CHANGED FROM Boletus satanas
Rubroboletus haematinus CHANGED FROM Boletus haematinus
Rubroboletus pulcherrimus CHANGED FROM Boletus pulcherrimus
Rubroboletus rhodosanguineus CHANGED FROM Boletus rhodosanguineus
Strobilomyces confusus Strobilomyces confusus
Strobilomyces dryophilus Strobilomyces dryophilus
Strobilomyces strobilaceus CHANGED FROM Strobilomyces floccopus
Suillellus amygdalinus CHANGED FROM Boletus amygdalinus
Suillellus hypocarycinus CHANGED FROM Boletus hypocarycinus
Suillellus luridus CHANGED FROM Boletus luridus
Suillus acidus MERGER + CHANGE FROM Suillus intermedius
Suillus subalutaceus
Suillus albivelatus Suillus albivelatus
Suillus americanus  MERGER OF Suillus americanus
Suillus sibiricus
Suillus anomalus Suillus anomalus
Suillus bovinus Suillus bovinus
Suillus brevipes Suillus brevipes
Suillus brunnescens  MERGER OF Suillus borealis
Suillus brunnescens
Suillus caerulescens Suillus caerulescens
Suillus cavipes Suillus cavipes
Suillus cothurnatus Suillus cothurnatus
Suillus decipiens Suillus decipiens
Suillus elbensis MERGER + CHANGE FROM Fuscoboletinus laricinus
Fuscoboletinus serotinus
Suillus flavidus Suillus flavidus
Suillus flavo-granulatus Suillus flavo-granulatus
Suillus fuscotomentosus Suillus fuscotomentosus
Suillus glandulosipes Suillus glandulosipes
Suillus glandulosus CHANGED FROM Fuscoboletinus glandulosus
Suillus granulatus MERGER OF Suillus granulatus
Suillus lactifluus
Suillus grevillei Suillus grevillei
Suillus grisellus CHANGED FROM Fuscoboletinus grisellus
Suillus helenae Suillus helenae
Suillus hirtellus Suillus hirtellus
Suillus imbellus Gastrosuillus imbellus
Suillus imitatus Suillus imitatus
Suillus imitatus var. viridescens Suillus imitatus var. viridescens
Suillus kaibabensis Suillus kaibabensis
Suillus lakei Suillus lakei
Suillus lakei var. pseudopictus Suillus lakei var. pseudopictus
Suillus luteus Suillus luteus
Suillus megaporinus Suillus megaporinus
Suillus neoaldipes Suillus neoaldipes
Suillus occidentalis Suillus occidentalis
Suillus ochraceoroseus CHANGED FROM Fuscoboletinus ochraceoroseus
Suillus pallidiceps Suillus pallidiceps
Suillus paluster CHANGED FROM Fuscoboletinus paluster
Suillus placidus Suillus placidus
Suillus ponderosus Suillus ponderosus
Suillus pseudobrevipes Suillus pseudobrevipes
Suillus punctatipes Suillus punctatipes
Suillus punctipes Suillus punctipes
Suillus pungens Suillus pungens
Suillus salmonicolor Suillus salmonicolor
Suillus spectabilis CHANGED FROM Fuscoboletinus spectabilis
Suillus spraguei CHANGED FROM Suillus pictus
Suillus subalpinus Suillus subalpinus
Suillus subaureus Suillus subaureus
Suillus subolivaceus Suillus subolivaceus
Suillus suilloides Gastrosuillus suilloides
Suillus tomentosus Suillus tomentosus
Suillus tomentosus var. discolor Suillus tomentosus var. discolor
Suillus wasatchicus Suillus wasatchicus
Sutorius eximius CHANGED FROM Tylopilus eximius
Sutorius luridiformis1 CHANGED FROM Boletus luridiformis
Tylopilus alboater Tylopilus alboater
Tylopilus ammiratii Tylopilus ammiratii
Tylopilus amylosporus Tylopilus amylosporus
Tylopilus appalachiensis Tylopilus appalachiensis
Tylopilus atratus Tylopilus atratus
Tylopilus atronicotianus Tylopilus atronicotianus
Tylopilus badiceps Tylopilus badiceps
Tylopilus balloui Tylopilus balloui
Tylopilus felleus Tylopilus felleus
Tylopilus ferrugineus Tylopilus ferrugineus
Tylopilus griseocarneus Tylopilus griseocarneus
Tylopilus humilis Tylopilus humilis
Tylopilus indecisus Tylopilus indecisus
Tylopilus intermedius Tylopilus intermedius
Tylopilus minor Tylopilus minor
Tylopilus peralbidus Tylopilus peralbidus
Tylopilus plumbeoviolaceus Tylopilus plumbeoviolaceus
Tylopilus rhoadsiae Tylopilus rhoadsiae
Tylopilus rhodoconius Tylopilus rhodoconius
Tylopilus rubrobrunneus Tylopilus rubrobrunneus
Tylopilus tabacinus Tylopilus tabacinus
Tylopilus variobrunneus Tylopilus variobrunneus
Tylopilus violatinctus Tylopilus violatinctus
Tylopilus williamsii Tylopilus williamsii
Veloporphyrellus conicus CHANGED FROM Tylopilus conicus
Xanthoconium affine variations Xanthoconium affine variations
Xanthoconium chattoogaensis Xanthoconium chattoogaensis
Xanthoconium montaltoense Xanthoconium montaltoense
Xanthoconium purpureum Xanthoconium purpureum
Xanthoconium stramineum Xanthoconium stramineum
Xerocomellus chrysenteron CHANGED FROM Boletus chrysenteron
Xerocomellus dryophilus CHANGED FROM Boletus dryophilus
Xerocomellus intermedius CHANGED FROM Boletellus intermedius
Xerocomellus truncatus CHANGED FROM Boletus truncatus
Xerocomellus zelleri CHANGED FROM Boletus zelleri
Xerocomus hemixanthus CHANGED FROM Boletus hemixanthus
Xerocomus hortonii CHANGED FROM Boletus hortonii
Xerocomus hypoxanthus CHANGED FROM Boletus hypoxanthus
Xerocomus illudens CHANGED FROM Boletus illudens
Xerocomus pseudoboletinus CHANGED FROM Boletus pseudoboletinus
Xerocomus subtomentosus MERGER + CHANGE FROM Boletus subtomentosus
Boletus subtomentosus var. perplexus
Xerocomus tenax CHANGED FROM Boletus tenax