Boletellus pictiformis

Blue-bruising, reddish brown/black, scabered stem often has  yellow by the top. Dark cap often cracks w/age. Yellowish pores bruise blue.


Genus: Boletellus

Species: pictiformis

Common Name:

Tells: Brown, coarsely shaggy scales on stem. Reddish-brown pores stain blue. Yellow cap flesh quickly blues. Dark, scaly cap.

Other Information: Stem scales often arranged in a netting pattern. Spore print unknown. Identical to B’us. fallax except that has greenish- to olive-yellow pores.

Edibility: Unknown.


  • NH4OH (Ammonia): (Based on B’us fallax…) Cap skin turns black. Cap flesh has no reaction.
  • KOH: (Based on B’us fallax…) Cap skin turns deep reddish brown. Cap flesh turns pale, orangey-yellowish brown.
  • FeSO4 (Iron Salts): (Based on B’us fallax…) Cap skin has no reaction. Cap flesh has no reaction.


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