Leccinum armeniacum (“Apricot Bolete”)

Cap is apricot-orange. Pores stain an odd lilac or flesh color. Stem is white with spots. Likes madrone.


Genus: Leccinum

Species: armeniacum

Common Name: “Apricot Bolete”

Tells: Viscid, apricot-orange cap often has shallow pits. White-buff pores stain an odd lilac- or flesh-color. White stem flesh has pale bluish tints by base. Likes madrone.

Other Information: White cap flesh slowly & erratically stains pinkish. White stem w/white scabers that do not darken w/age.

Science Notes: See this Article on the Red-Cap Leccinum Taxonomy Mess.

Edibility: Good


  • NH4OH (Ammonia): No data.
  • KOH: Stem flesh turns yellow at the base.
  • FeSO4 (Iron Salts): No data.


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