Boletus aureissimus var. castaneus

Velvety purple-brown cap. Yellow stem with yellow netting. Likes oak.


Genus: Boletus

  • Genus 2: Ceriomyces

Species: aureissimus var. castaneus

  • Species 2: auripes var. castaneus

Tells: Velvety purple-brown cap. Yellow pores age darker & DNS. Oft-bulbous, yellow to bright-yellow stem usually has yellow netting on top.

Other Information: Regular aureissimus has a yellow/gold cap. Mentioned in Boletes of Eastern North America, p. 93, as “Ceriomyces aureissimus var. castaneus.”

Edibility: Good.


  • NH4OH (Ammonia): No data.
  • KOH: No data.
  • FeSO4 (Iron Salts): No data.


National Audubon Society Field guide to Mushrooms, Gary Lincoff 0 Mushrooms of West Virginia and the Central Appalachians 0 North American Boletes 93 93

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