Xerocomellus bolinii (“Jason’s Bolete”)

Olive-brown cap w/many red-edged cracks. Stem is yellow by pores, purplish-red by base, & bruises blue-green. Yellow pores age to brown & stain blue. Cap flesh blues slowly.


Name in North American Boletes: N/A

Genus: Xerocomellus

Species: bolinii

Common Name: Jason’s Bolete (after the discoverer, Jason Bolin, who in turn named the species after his grandfather Franklin Bolin).

Tells: Blue bruising, creamy white flesh becomes yellow or orange in the stem. Oft-long, white/yellow stem grows red/brown low, & pinches at the base. Yellow pores age darker & quickly bruise blue.

Other Information: Pinkish-brown, blue-bruising cap often cracks to show white flesh & holds its incurved margin until old. Cap flesh can have yellow tones. Stem often has vertical lines, but never netting. White mycelium. Likes oak & pine.

Science Notes: A new species first published in 2021 based on finds in Florida. A Texas find has also been confirmed.

Edibility: Good.


  • NH4OH (Ammonia): Cap & stem surface turns light green, fading to yellow. Cap flesh turns pale orange.
  • KOH: Cap, stem, and flesh all turn orange or amber, fading to brown.
  • FeSO4 (Iron Salts): Cap & stem surface turns light green (for young specimens) or light brown (older specimens). Flesh turns lemon yellow or olive.


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